Kero is a freelance art director / illustrator based in italy. This is her live journal.

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Yo no vengo a decir un discurso

Yo no vengo a decir un discurso

Somehow I thought these sounds were lost through a peculiarly warped time-frame between 2006 and 2007. I’m actually crying at this


Only tape from the Golden Age of the Italian underground house scene I got left, been carrying this around for 22 years may be longer.. It says RICKY @ VAE VICTIS 1989 but the vocalist does seem to be saying ”This is Echoes or Ethos..” so I’m not sure. I went to ECHOES many times which was VAE VISTIS after it closed and reopened so I’ve never actually checked the old Vae Victis spot but CLUB DEI 99 (after-hours) , DIABOLIKA (after-hrs) , PRINCE , BYBLOS etc.. I went often during a short but intense few months in early 1993 before packing up for the US